15 Unique Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas (That People Will Actually Want)

While you may be trying to stay conscious of your holiday gift giving, and keeping all of your presents as eco-friendly as possible, the problem is that not everyone has the same consideration for the environment that we do.

Don’t let your environmentally conscious lifestyle turn you into a bad gift giver. Here are some eco-friendly gift ideas that people won’t realize are actually good for the environment. 


1. A portable solar-powered charger ($43)

Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast, this gadget can charge 2 devices simultaneously using only the power of the sun. It even includes a built in flashlight.

You see an eco-friendly, solar-powered device; they see the most convenient charger they will ever own. Buy it here.


2. This tea infuser ($9)

Tea infusers require you to use loose-leaf tea, which tastes better than tea from tea bags.

You see a way to cut down on tea bag waste; they see a way to fresher, tastier tea. Buy it here.


3. This eco-friendly onesie ($28)

The youngest environmentalists can start making a statement earlier than ever with this adorable onesie. Plus, it’s made with organic cotton and printed with soy milk.

You see a hilarious way to spread the message about food waste, and so do they. Buy it here.



4. These pencils made from recycled paper ($11)

Perfect as a stocking stuffer or for the office gift exchange. No trees were torn down in the making of these pencils.

You see a way to promote industries to use recycled materials in the making of their products; they see a unique and interesting set of office supplies. Buy them here.



5. These bamboo speakers ($25)

Natural amplification for the person who is looking to blast some tunes, no matter where they are. The natural resonance of bamboo creates a stereo-like effect without the use of plugs, batteries, or energy of any kind.

You see a zero-waste, biodegradable, natural present; they see the most user-friendly piece of stereo equipment they have ever used. Buy it here.



6. This portable washing machine ($50)

Perfect for the traveler of any kind, this portable washing machine comes in handy for those who never know when they will be left without one.

You see a hand-powered washing machine that requires no energy; they see an absolute lifesaver that is going to completely transform their travel experience. Buy it here.



7. These eco-friendly highlighters ($16)

These dry highlighters contain no plastic, no ink solvents, and no volatile organic compounds.

You see a low-waste alternative to plastic highlighters; they see a highlighter that won’t bleed through the page. Buy them here.



8. These reusable produce bags ($10)

These bags are the highest selling item in my shop. They are adorable, affordable, easy to use, and pretty unique. If you are looking for a gift for someone, but don’t really know what they like, trust me, everyone likes these bags.

You see a zero-waste way to save thousands of plastic produce bags; they see an adorable way to stop fussing with annoying plastic produce bags. Buy them here.



9. This wine rack made from a recycled film reel ($375)

Talk about recycling! This vintage wine rack makes recycling look better than ever. Prefect for the vintage junkie, wine connoisseur, or upcycling advocate.

You see a creative way to save an otherwise useless product from the landfill; they see the most unique wine rack they have ever encountered. Buy it here.



10. These portable chopsticks ($9)

You know what’s always a crowd pleaser? When you go out for sushi and whip out your own chopsticks. These are perfect for any sushi lover. Even if they already have tons of chopsticks, no one ever has portable chopsticks.

You see a way to save tons of waste from disposable chopsticks; they see the one thing they have always needed, but never realized. Buy them here.



11. This solar-powered USB charger ($49)

For when a solar-powered phone charger is not enough, this gadget is perfect for the person who is brining all of their gadgets into the wilderness with them. This lightweight solar strip rolls up into a compact, easy to carry size.

You see a portable solar panel that harnesses a renewable resource and cuts down on battery waste; they see a way to never be stuck out in the wilderness with dead technology ever again. Buy it here.



12. A backpack made from recycled rice bags ($19)

Perfect for the student or young professional with unique style. This bag looks as cool as it is. It is handmade in Nepal from recycled jute rice bags. No two bags are exactly alike.

You see a way to promote recycling and repurpose otherwise useless fabric; they see a one-of-a-kind backpack that no one else in their school will have. Buy it here.



13. A self-cleaning fish tank that grows food ($60)

Perfect for the animal-lover, culinary enthusiast, or a combo of the two. This fish tank/garden combo makes taking care of a pet and growing your own food as simple as it gets.

You see a natural source of food that doubles a natural fish tank cleaner; they see the lowest-maintenance pet/garden they will ever own. Buy it here.



14. A variety pack of recyclable K-cups ($26)

For the coffee lover in your life, these K-cups aren’t just recyclable, they are also filled with some of the tastiest and most uniquely flavored coffee I have ever tried.

You see a way to cut down on K-cup waste; they see the awesome coffee flavors like Banana Foster Flambe, and Raspberry Chocolate Truffle. Buy them here.



15. An umlimited digital magazine subscription ($10-15)

The Netflix of Magazines is here. Texture allows you unlimited access to your favorite magazines without ever needing a physical copy. Perfect for the person who has subscriptions to way to many magazines and always leaves them in piles around the house.

You see a truly zero-waste gift that can dramatically reduce a person’s trash production without them even knowing; they see a way to finally eliminate all of their magazine clutter. Buy it here.

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