Whether you’re new to the idea of a low-waste lifestyle, or you’re just new to my website, this is the place to start to find everything a beginner needs to know. I’ll answer some FAQs, show you which of my posts you should read next, and suggest some supplemental reading in the form of other blogs that have helped me on my low-waste journey.



What is a low-waste lifestyle?

Simply put, a low-waste lifestyle is a decision to make as little trash as possible.

This means using reusable products, purchasing products that are made from compostable or recyclable materials, and reducing the amount of stuff you bring into your home (because everything that comes into your home needs to leave it one way or another).

Low-waste and zero-waste lifestyles go hand-in-hand with plastic reduction. So a low-waste lifestyle also focuses on reducing the amount of plastic that you use/purchase, even if the plastic item is purchased with the idea of being reused.

What is waste?

You should define waste in your own terms, because a low-waste lifestyle is meant to fit your beliefs, values, and priorities.

I personally define waste as anything that is discarded with the intent of going to a landfill or anywhere it will not decompose or be repurposed.

So, anything put in a trash can, or dumpster, or that is littered is considered waste. Items that are recycled, composted, or donated are not considered waste.

When you see the word “waste” in my blog, this is the definition that I am assuming, but you can think of waste however fits you best.

What is

Wasteless Thinking is a community for anyone who wants to reduce their waste. Particularly for those who aren’t perfect and who struggle to cut down. This is a judgment free community focused on support, advice, and small improvements. I myself am far from perfect, but I’m sharing my advice while I learn it and striving to help others.

Here you will find articles that offer tips, tricks and info that I’ve learned along my journey.

Wasteless Thinking also features a shop where you can purchase some of my favorite low-waste products to help you supply yourself with the right tools.

Whether you come here to shop or you come here to learn, I hope that you find Wasteless Thinking a helpful resource in your own waste reduction journey.

What is the difference between low-waste and zero-waste?

Both are waste-reduction focused lifestyles. The difference is how much you strive to reduce.

Zero-waste is a more well known lifestyle choice in which you strive to produce absolutely no trash. A low-waste lifestyle is focused more on simply reducing your waste, rather than eliminating it completely.

I hope to one day amp up my ambitions and switch to a zero-waste lifestyle. But for now low-waste is my focus.


Read these posts first

If you’re new to the low-waste lifestyle, the best place for you to start is by reading these posts first.


Other waste reduction blogs you should visit

My blog is the only explicitly low-waste lifestyle blog that I have ever come across, so all of these are blogs by zero-wasters. However, they are still great resources loaded with good information about reducing waste.

  • Zero Waste Home is the first time I heard about living zero-waste.
  • Trash is For Tossers is the blog that inspired me to take on trash reduction when I realized that someone just like me was successfully trash-free.
  • My Zero Waste is a great resource because it is loaded with information, product reviews, tips, and more.
  • The Minimalists is not a zero-waste blog, but minimalism is a key ingredient in waste reduction; this blog is a great resource for cutting down on your stuff.


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