25 Useless Products That You Should Stop Buying

Cutting down on waste is not just about switching to reusable items, it’s also about using less in the first place. Every thing you buy is creating waste in some way, be it the packaging, the waste created from the manufacturing process, or the product itself being thrown away. That is why it is important to make sure everything we purchase actually serves an important purpose.

There are a lot of useless products out there that we waste our money on because companies and advertisers convince us that we need them. We purchase and repurchase these items because we are convinced they are necessary, even if they don’t provide any real benefit. Other products were once very useful and we are still purchasing them even though they are no longer necessary.

Here are 25 useless products that you should stop buying now. 

  1. Eye creams: if you are already moisturizing then your eye area is getting sufficient
    Eye Cream

    attention, you don’t need to put a second layer of $40 lotion on your eyes. Save the money and skip this step.

  2. Note Pads: with texting, emails, Facebook, and your cellphone’s “Notes” app, there are rarely times when post-it notes are necessary anymore. But we keep wasting our money on them. If you stop buying them you will stop finding reasons to use them.
  3. Rinse Aid: it doesn’t get your dishes any cleaner than your regular detergent. If your dishes aren’t getting clean enough it’s likely a problem with your dishwasher or your detergent.

    Rinse Aid
  4. Magazines: you can read all the same articles online for free, why waste so much paper?
  5. Newspapers: like I said, you can real all the same articles online for free, why waste so much paper?
  6. Lottery tickets: come on, we both know you aren’t going to win, you’re just wasting your money and making unnecessary trash.
  7. Facial toner: it’s no longer necessary. Back in the old days, soap used to leave behind residue. Toner was used to remove that reside from your face. But newer soaps and cleansers don’t leave residue so toners are an unnecessary extra step.
  8. CDs: I don’t know anyone who buys CDs anymore, but apparently some artists are still selling quite a few. With iTunes, Spotify and YouTube you can listen to individual songs for a lot less money. There’s no point in owning entire albums that will eventually end up in landfills.
  9. Cigarettes: cigarette butts are the number one most common litter found in our oceans and our streets. They are just as harmful to the environment as they are to your health.
  10. Laundry scent boosters: it’s really not necessary to spend that much extra money on something whose
    Laundry Scent Boosters

    only purpose is to make your laundry “smell good”. Isn’t that what your detergent is for? Just find a detergent with a scent that you like and you won’t have to worry about the extra money or the extra trash.

  11. Cook books: you can find a plethora of free recipes online, save the kitchen space for more important things.
  12. Pacifiers: you don’t need to struggle to wean your child off their pacifier if you never give one to them in the first place. The plastic they are made from has been proven to be harmful to children’s health and they can cause tooth alignment issues. Parents have survived for centuries without them, you can too.
  13. Vitamins: getting all your necessary vitamins from a well rounded diet is not only easy it’s much better for you than manufactured supplements.
  14. Dryer sheets: they just add unnecessary chemicals to your laundry. If you find you get a lot of static in your laundry you can use wool dryer balls or air dry your laundry.
  15. Greeting cards: card companies definitely make you think cards are a necessary accessory to every gift, but they aren’t. You are just spending money on something that will either go straight to the trash, or end up there eventually. No one will like your gift any less if it is not accompanied by a card.

    Cleaning Gloves
  16. Cleaning gloves: if you have to protect your hands and arms with rubber when you’re cleaning then you’re using the wrong cleaners.
  17. Bread makers: or any single use kitchen appliance. You do not need a bread maker to bake your bread, you do not need a rice cooker to cook your rice, you do not need an avocado slicer to slice your avocados. Save your kitchen space for useful products, not gimmicks.
  18. Cigars: just like cigarettes, they are just as bad for the environment as they are for you.
  19. Shaving cream: similar to toner, shaving cream was an important step in the old days, but is not necessary anymore. Now most razors have moisturizing strips. Even if your razor does not, the hot water and soap you use on your skin does a perfectly fine job of softening your hair follicles.
  20. Split end menders/eliminators: they just don’t work. They only thing that can get rid of your split ends is a haircut.
  21. Fabric softener: it’s an unnecessary added step that adds more chemicals to your wash and costs you
    Stain Remover


  22. Stain removers: a proper wash cycle should remove all stains from your clothing. If you do have an extra pesky stain that won’t come out there are plenty of natural and affordable home recipes.
  23. Bumper pads: they are unnecessary and can be a breathing hazard for your infant. In fact, a lot of baby products are completely unnecessary. Babies are already expensive enough, ask yourself if a baby product is really necessary before purchasing.
  24. Energy drinks: if you have an energy drink habit, the sooner you get rid of it the better. They are terrible for your health. You and the planet would be much better off without them.
  25. Printer paper: buying it will lead to excuses to use it. If you stop buying printer paper you will find other ways to get documents to people, leave notes, and write yourself lists.

Cutting these products out of your life will save you a ton of money, save you space around the house, and of course, help you make less trash. Each product you choose to stop buying means less waste each month. Evaluate products before you buy them to make sure that each one serves an important purpose.

Comment below if you can think of other useless items many of us buy and I will add it to the list.

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