How to Create a Low-Waste Home: A Room-by-Room Guide

Cutting down on your waste becomes simple and routine when your home is designed for a low waste lifestyle. If you are transitioning to a low-waste lifestyle, start equipping each room of your house with low-waste essentials and making a few changes in each room to make reducing waste second nature.

The tips in this guide range from incredibly simple to more advanced. You can select the changes that make sense for you and implement as many or as few of these suggestions as you would like.

The important thing to remember is that a low-waste lifestyle is an ongoing process and improvement is continually occurring. Start with simple changes and work your way to more difficult ones. 

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How to Start a Low Waste Lifestyle

The American population makes up only about 5 percent of the world’s population. But we produce 30 percent of the world’s garbage.

Why do we make so much trash?

I’ve realized that most of us do not even think about our trash. We shove it into our trash bins and ship it off where it is out of sight and out of mind. We don’t consider how wasteful our country is because we aren’t faced with the sight of our trash.

The thing about all this waste is…it’s not even hard to make less. When we aren’t thinking about how much trash we are making, we also aren’t thinking about what it would be like to make less. Sure, it’s easy to put a sandwich in a ziploc bag, but is it that much harder to put it in a container and wash the container later?

Living a low-waste lifestyle comes with some sacrifices, but overall it is much simpler than I thought it would be. I’ve broken the transition process into a simple 5 step plan to help you get started on your own low waste lifestyle.

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5 Low-Waste Hobbies That Are Good For the Environment

An important part of living a low-waste lifestyle is having low-waste hobbies. The more time you spend doing things that are naturally low-waste, the easier the lifestyle will be for you.

Here is a list of some fun past times that are not only low-waste, but are good for the environment in other ways as well.

If you are unsure or nervous about getting involved in a new hobby, don’t worry, all these hobbies are easier to get started in than you think. 

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5 Easy Steps to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Did you know, that the top 10 producers of carbon dioxide in the US are all electric companies? In 2013 the average annual electricity consumption for a U.S. residential utility customer was 10,908 kilowatt hours (kWh) according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Incase you aren’t an energy specialist, I’ll break that down for you. It takes about 1.05 lbs of coal to produce 1 kWh of power and there are about 115,610,216 homes in America. That means there is more than 1 trillion lbs of coal being burned in the US in just one year. The worst part of burning all that coal is that 90% of the energy produced is lost before it even reaches your home. So for every time you save 0.10 kWh of electricity you’re actually saving an entire pound of coal. So what can we do to save more energy?

The good news is that it’s actually quite easy to make your home more energy efficient because more than 20% of the energy used in homes is wasted. That 20% is created by lights being left on in empty rooms or heating and cooling an empty house. Therefore, those are the first two of my 5 steps to being more energy efficient.

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Things That Are Worse For the Environment Than You Think

Even though this blog focuses on waste, it’s important to keep your environmental impact as a whole in perspective. You might think that you have this whole “low-impact” lifestyle thing figured out, but some of your everyday behaviors have more of an impact that you think. These 5 things don’t sound bad for the environment, but they can really add up. It’s important to remember that just because something doesn’t sound bad for the environment, doesn’t mean that it is not.

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5 Easiest Ways to Reduce Waste

Because we live in a world that makes waste such a low priority, being conscious about reducing your waste requires you to change behaviors in almost every facet of your life. Some of these changes are difficult, taking time and effort. But a lot of behaviors are really easy.

The thing about waste is that we care about it so little…we put a trash can in every room in our home and toss stuff in them all day without even thinking about it. But the alternatives don’t even require much more effort. It’s just that when throwing away trash is so easy, you don’t even consider how easy it is to not throw it away.

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You Should Know: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

It’s hard to say exactly what made me decide to start trying to live a low-waste lifestyle, but I have to say, learning that there is an immeasurable amount of plastic called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch floating in our ocean was a huge influence. I think everyone should know about the GPGP and how a low-waste lifestyle is the solution to the problem.

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4 Reasons You Should Be Cutting Down on Waste


Reducing your waste is not just about being a tree hugging hippie who takes drastic measures in life to impact the environment. There are a lot of benefits that come from reducing waste that make the effort totally worth it. If you practice a low-waste lifestyle, you might start to feel that the environmental impact is just an added bonus to a lifestyle that benefits you in huge ways.

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10 Wasteless Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With cards, envelopes, wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, ribbon, and tape, gifts can create a lot of waste. Here are 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas that create little to no waste that you should try giving to Mom this year. After all, Mother Nature should be celebrated today too, shouldn’t she?

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