Reusable Grocery Bags


Plastic shopping bags are some of the most harmful plastic products we use today. 1 million plastic shopping bags are used worldwide every minute.  Because of their low weight, plastic bags are easily picked up by the wind, even when they are disposed of correctly. They easily travel long distances which makes them the most common type of plastic ocean refuse and one of the most common types of litter found on land.

The problem with reusable shopping bags is that they are often made of nylon, which is an even stronger form of plastic. They are often more harmful to the environment than the single use plastic bags offered in stores.

These reusable bags by CarryPlus are made from 100% cotton. No plastic, no nylon, 100% biodegradable. They are strong, durable, and machine washable so they won’t develop the odor that non-washable nylon bags often do.

This set offers 4 foldable bags and a pouch to store them in, so you can easily keep them in your glove compartment, purse, or any small space. Each bag has a unique design, which I think is a great bonus. If these designs are not your taste, the company offers man sets with other designs that I will be featuring on this site, so keep an eye out for them.

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