Collapsable Stainless Steel Cup

This collapsable steel cup by Sportsman is a great item to have on you for when you are in situations where disposable cups are the only option. Whether drinking at a friend’s house or grabbing a cup of water from the water dispenser at work, throwing away a single use cup does not have to be your only option anymore.

This cup collapses down to 1 inch in size so you can easily carry it around in a pocket or purse. Often times, situations where we need to use a disposable cup arise unexpectedly, so having a reusable alternative on you just in case is a great idea.

This cup is ideal for parties, concerts, hiking, camping, and traveling. It holds 5 ounces of fluid when open. It also has a keychain so it can easily clip to a belt loop, backpack, or a set of keys.

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