12 Low-Waste/Zero-Waste Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is fast approaching, but giving low-waste gifts to people who don’ t live a low-waste lifestyle can seem difficult. Here are some ideas for low-waste and zero-waste gifts for Dad that he will appreciate just as much as any other gift. Just remember to skip the card and use reusable gift wrap.

1. Salt and pepper shakers made from mini liquor bottles


This is a great way to recycle those mini liquor bottles and add some unique character to Dad’s man cave. To make the shakers all you have to do is find a pair of mini liquor bottles that are matching but oppositely colored (one dark one light). Jack Daniel’s regular whiskey and Jack Daniel’s honey whiskey are a good example. Fill the darker bottle with pepper and the lighter bottle with salt. Just poke a few holes in the cap with a needle and secure the cap tightly.

2. Tickets to a baseball game


I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Father’s Day falls in the middle of baseball season.. I think all the dads got together and decided that’s how it should be. Most dads love baseball and spending time with their kids at a game on a nice day. Baseball also remains the most affordable and family friendly of any of the major US sports. Make the experience zero waste by buying your tickets online and downloading them to your phone.

3. Recycled record bookends


This easy DIY project is a great way to put Dad’s old records to good use again. Just make sure that you check with Mom or the internet before selecting the records to use to make sure you aren’t choosing ones that your Dad wouldn’t want ruined. To make these bookends just fill the sink halfway with very hot water (or as deep as the bend in the record will be). Submerge the records in the water for several seconds to about a minute, depending on how hot your water is. Then bend the record into the desired shape using a chopstick or table edge. If the record does not bend easily you need to soak it longer or use hotter water. Make sure to test the bookends to make sure you made the bend high enough to hold up a stack of books. Any old school dad will think these are the coolest bookends in the world.

4. A hike


June is a great month for hiking and a hike is a great way to spend quality time with dad. Do your research and find a scenic trail in your area that suits your dad’s physical capabilities. Pack some home made trail mix and bring water in reusable bottles.

5. Liquor bottle soap pump


This is another DIY to add some manly charm to dad’s bathroom. Refillable soap pumps are a low-waste way to offer liquid soap in a bathroom and this one takes it a step further by using a recycled bottle to make the pump. Plus, Dad will love that his pump is unique and funny. Making the soap pump is super easy. Just take an empty liquor bottle that has a standard sized top. Paint the label with a few coats of Mod Podge to prevent it from peeling off. You can find individual soap pump tops from bath stores, craft stores, or online stores like Amazon. As long as the bottle and the soap pump top are both standard sized they should fit together fine. Then just cut the hose on the pump to fit the bottle you are using and fill the bottle with a bulk bottle of soap.

6. Potted tree


Plants make great gifts, but dad might not appreciate getting flowers on his day as much as mom does. A tree is a unique plant to receive as a gift feels more appropriate for a father. Try finding a unique species, or one that produces fruit, like an orange tree… the gift that keeps on giving.

7. Necktie glasses case


It’s no secret that most Dads have more neckties than they could ever need…it’s such an easy gift to give to men! This year, instead of adding to his collection, repurpose an old tie that he never wears by turning it into case for his reading glasses or sunglasses. Here is an easy to follow tutorial; all it requires is some basic sewing skills and a few materials. You can even make a set by using ties that compliment each other if your dad has more than one pair of glasses.

8. Homemade BBQ sauce


What dad doesn’t love BBQ and homemade sauces? Find a recipe for your Dad’s favorite style of BBQ and whip up enough to fill a bottle or two. You can store the sauce in a mason jar or other empty glass jar that you have around.

9. Golf day


For the Dad that loves to golf a day on the course with his family is the perfect gift. If you already play, challenge him to a round, if not, take him to the driving range and ask him to teach you how to play. Better yet, find a driving range with a mini-golf course or batting cages so you can make it an afternoon of different Father’s Day activities.

10. Tickets to a concert


Experiences make the best gifts. They don’t take up any space at home, create little to no waste, and provide precious memories to last a lifetime. Some experiences that you can treat Dad to for Father’s Day include taking him to a concert, going to a comedy show, taking him to a nice dinner, or spending the day at the aquarium or zoo. Just make sure to always use electronic tickets whenever possible to avoid waste.

11. Bottle of whiskey and homemade mixed nuts


A simple yet appreciated gift for Dad is a bottle of his drink of choice. Add some homemade roasted mixed nuts in a recycled bottle or mason jar. It’s a low-waste way to keep Dad out of a waste ridden bar.

12. Bike ride


For the active Dad, a scenic bike ride with the family is a great gift that creates no waste. You can even pack a zero-waste picnic with reusable water bottles, sandwiches in metal containers, and cloth napkins.


Comment below if you have any other low-waste or zero-waste Father’s Day gift ideas. Thanks for reading!

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