Eco-Friendly Subscription Gift Ideas

CSA pickup box

Monthly subscription services are my go-to gift when I’m not quite sure what to get someone. You don’t have to know much about someone to pick one that they will like. They are (quite literally) the gift that keeps on giving. The recipient will be reminded of you each month when they receive something new!

When I gift someone a subscription service, I generally sign them up for 3-12 months, depending the cost per month and my budget. It’s a great way to split up the cost of a gift, rather than spending the money all at once.

Wether you’re looking for a unique gift for an environmentally conscious friend, or just looking to treat yourself, these monthly subscription services are going to make the earth as happy as whoever receives them!

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Tips To Reducing Your Waste At Outdoor Events

I enjoy outdoor events just as much as the next person. But seeing images of what those spaces look like after the crowds have cleared can leave a bad taste in my mouth.

It’s well documented that the amount of trash generated at events is a huge issue. It took 200 workers two weeks to clean up all the trash left behind at the Daytona 500. Music festivals are being called “environmental disasters”. Even environmental events have been known to leave behind their share of trash.

But I don’t think that skipping events is the answer. There are steps we can all take to make sure that the aftermath of concerts, music festivals, sporting events, parades, protests, fairs, festivals, and all outdoor events is a trash-free space.

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Community Supported Agriculture


Whether you’re thinking about joining a Community Supported Agriculture program and want more information, or you have no idea what in the world I’m talking about, this is the one-stop shop for all the information that you need to decide whether a CSA membership is right for you.

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The Best Environmental Documentaries on Netflix

Not all environmental documentaries are about climate change. There are a lot of documentaries out there discussing a variety of issues that impact our environment.

I’ve watched them. Reflected on them. Ranked them.

Whether you’re looking to educate yourself on environmental issues or you’re looking for suggestions for a friend who needs an environmental wake-up call, these documentaries are sure to change the way you think about the future of our planet.

Here it is: the ultimate environmental documentary Netflix guide.

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15 Unique Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas (That People Will Actually Want)

While you may be trying to stay conscious of your holiday gift giving, and keeping all of your presents as eco-friendly as possible, the problem is that not everyone has the same consideration for the environment that we do.

Don’t let your environmentally conscious lifestyle turn you into a bad gift giver. Here are some eco-friendly gift ideas that people won’t realize are actually good for the environment. 

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10 Ways to Reduce Waste During the Holidays

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, household waste increases by more than 25%. Food waste, wrapping paper, shopping bags, Christmas cards, bows, ribbons, boxes, decorations, lights and more add an additional 1 million tons of trash per week to our landfills.

The holiday season is an incredibly wasteful time in our society, but it does not have to be that way. There are some simple things you can do to reduce your waste during the holiday season without sacrificing any of the holiday cheer.

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6 Myths About the Low Waste Lifestyle

Whenever I talk to people about my low-waste ambitions, I often hear people say “I would love to do that, but…” The problem is, what comes after the “but” is usually something untrue about this lifestyle. Before you knock the low-waste lifestyle, read why these common beliefs about the lifestyle are actually myths. 

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How to Create a Low-Waste Home: A Room-by-Room Guide

Cutting down on your waste becomes simple and routine when your home is designed for a low waste lifestyle. If you are transitioning to a low-waste lifestyle, start equipping each room of your house with low-waste essentials and making a few changes in each room to make reducing waste second nature.

The tips in this guide range from incredibly simple to more advanced. You can select the changes that make sense for you and implement as many or as few of these suggestions as you would like.

The important thing to remember is that a low-waste lifestyle is an ongoing process and improvement is continually occurring. Start with simple changes and work your way to more difficult ones. 

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